Marius Băraş is a Romanian composer and songwriter.
His musical works includes: Kogaion (a 48' album of the progressive rock band Kogaion), Life Calling (album of the fusion rock band Flatliners - 50'), Pictures (a symphonycal-electronical album in 15 musical chapters - 60'), Destiny (symphonycal - electronical album - 60'), Still Birth (theatre music on Nichita Stanescu's poems), Quintet in C minor opus 7 (piano and string quartet - 33'), Chamber Symphony in D minor opus 8 (36'), Traveller (ambiental ethno album - 60'). He also composed the original movie soundtrack for the British movie Gun Of The Black Sun (post-production), documentary soundtrack (My Polis) and wrote the songs for 2 crossover albums (Vlad Miriţă and Simona Nae, executive producer Andrew Stear), being also one of the executive producers at Simona's album.
He also worked in television and radio as a composer and in a specialized commercials studio for a few years.
Wrote 3 volumes of poetry and short SF novels.
Hobbies: fencing, kendo, riding and traditional archery.


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